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Work of Art — Cristian Mihai

You. Yes, you. You are a work of art. You are beautiful. You are the only part of this Universe capable of understanding itself. You are the only part of this Universe that is capable of creating beauty by sheer power of will. You are art. You are beauty. You are grace. You can become […]

The Voice of the Traveler — eddietaughtme

Walks barefoot on the shore sand Letting the wind read his mind Closes his eyes as the water gushes Remembers all the faces he left behind Away he goes, away he goes. Reaches the top of the infinite greys Smiles at the new friend, Horizon Caffeinates his thirsty mind and soul Nerves breaking […] via The

Modern Aphrodite — Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

I breathe love into existence, like air through the lungs. For it is an infinite affair, I will always have, with love. In my life, I speak love’s language, quite fluently, in multiple tongues. I took cupid aside, regarding his arrows being too dull. I romantically, express love’s attributes, by encouraging an answer, when […] via