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How I Spent 3 Days in Shanghai — Travel With Nano B.

So what do I think about Shanghai? I won’t lie, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, it has arresting views of skyscrapers, impressive architecture, excellent spa treatments, great luxury shopping (there are as many Gucci shops as there are Starbucks, I kid you not), and a food scene to match. It is energetic, diverse,

Café Confucius, Beijing — LIFE OF SHAL

Situated near the Confucius Temple in Dongcheng is a little Buddhist inspired coffee shop. Its mention in many China inspired guidebooks made me fairly curious as to how a little roadside café nestled in the heart of a hutong could be named after one of the most famous temples in all of Beijing which led […]

Tasting Bullfrog in China — LIFE OF SHAL

One of the things I love about China is the endless opportunities to try new and exotic foods. The Chinese love their food and eating a meal is a tradition that should be done both on time and with large numbers of people. Chinese dining etiquette is very different to western eating habits. It is […]

6 Street Foods To Try In Indonesia — An American Girl in Asia

Street food in Indonesia is not merely a novelty, but a way of life. Once the sun begins to set, the food carts roll out, grills are fired up and the oil begins to sizzle. Motorbikes appear from all directions, and makeshift plastic tables fill the parking lots. As the final rays of sunlight disappear, […]