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10 Tips for Staying in a Hostel

Some young travelers are terrified of staying in a hostel. Maybe they saw that horror film by the same name (thanks a lot, Eli Roth) or maybe they’ve heard a few too many cautionary tales from relatives who backpacked through Europe in the 80s. Maybe you’re reading this and wondering, “what even is a hostel?”

10 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas has become a global festival, regardless of religion or location. December 25th is a day that is celebrated all around the world brings different cultures together. Now, while we are particularly fond of the mass-consumerism and trash that is created by this holiday, we still see it as a wonderful to get together with

2017 Cheapest Places to Travel

it’s time to start packing your bags because 2017 is shaping up to be an awesome year for budget travel. With constant fluctuations in the market, your hard earned cash can go a lot further in certain destinations around the world – oh, and according to some aviation experts, airfares are expected to plummet in

Best Travel Credit Card Canada

Travel credit cards should always give you more than just rewards points. A good credit card should come with other perks like companion flights, amazing insurance coverage, and flexibility with transferring points between cards. So, if you’re looking for the best travel credit card Canada, have no fear. Here, we’ve come up with a list of the

Top 5 Tips for Backpacking Around The World on A Budget

If you’re thinking about planning a backpacking trip around the world on a budget, then there are a few key questions we suggest you ask yourself: What destinations are the most important for you to visit? How long are you planning on backpacking? What sort of budget do you plan to stick to? Are you

Top 20 Tips Before International Travel

Travelling abroad can be a daunting. We invest so much time and money planning our vacations and travel. We need to make sure we didn’t forget to pack anything; we need health and travel insurance, can’t forget to lock the door… and of course, did you remember to turn off the stoves at breakfast? There’s