Hiking Trails Near Toronto That Are Breathtaking

Not everyone knows this, but there’s an abundance of spectacular hiking trails near Toronto. Still, most people are looking to out of the city when they go hiking. Plus, even surrounded by trees and nature, it’s impossible to forget that you’re in the city. You’ll likely still be within earshot of highway, or new subdivision.

Fortunately, if you’re willing to drive, you’ll find yourself hiking some of the most breath-taking trails around.

All it takes is a short 45 min to an hour drive away from the city. And, you’ll be treated to rushing waterfalls and stunning vistas. Or, some of these hikes can even be considerably challenging if you’re not in the best of shape.

Now, you’re probably wondering where these hidden trails may be. So, let’s jump in and take a look at the 5 best hiking trails near Toronto.

The trails around Dundas Peak afford access to some of Hamilton’s most stunning waterfalls. Highlights include Webster and Tews Falls, both of which are some of the highest in the area. Beyond the waterfalls, there are awe-inspiring views of the gorge below.Hiking Trails Near Toronto

The trails at Rattlesnake point near Milton line the top of the Niagara Escarpment and offer breathtaking views of the country below all the way down to Lake Ontario. There’s over 12km to explore, the most challenging of which is a 7.2km hike to Crawford Lake Conservation Area.Hiking Trails Near Toronto

Snaking around the Elora Gorge Conservation area, this 10km trail encounters waterfalls, sweeping views of the gorge, and ample opportunities to explore the Grand River. This is a great place to spend an entire day, pausing to hang around by the river’s shore to eat lunch and cool down with a swim.

Hiking Trails Near Toronto

This is another epic trail that clocks in at roughly 400km from end to end. Starting in Port Hope and connecting with the Bruce Trail near Glen Huron, only expert hikers should try to brave the more remote sections of this trail. Easier hikes can be done at the Ganaraska Forest Centre.

Hiking Trails Near Toronto

This massive trail system stretches over 800km along the Niagara Escarpment with its closest access point to Toronto located just outside of Milton near the Kelso Conservation Area (itself a good place to hike). And, the scenery here is sublime, ranging from lush forest to rocky gorges and stunning views on crystal clear fresh lake water.

Hiking Trails Near Toronto

Been on any of these stunning hiking trails near Toronto?

We would love to know what you thought and what your favorite trail is!

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-Hiking Trails Near Toronto

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  1. We spend most of our time hiking the Bruce Trail through the Beaver Valley and Collingwood areas, although we have headed up to the Lions Head area, and as well south to Mono Cliffs. There are some spectacular caves and crevices sections in both the Beaver Vally and Collingwood areas of the trail. The Lions Head area north of Wiarton in the Bruce Peninsula is a can’t miss.

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