2017 Cheapest Places to Travel

it’s time to start packing your bags because 2017 is shaping up to be an awesome year for budget travel. With constant fluctuations in the market, your hard earned cash can go a lot further in certain destinations around the world – oh, and according to some aviation experts, airfares are expected to plummet in 2017 as well!

So where should you go on your next trip? Here’s our pick of the most affordable (and super cool) destinations to visit this year

#1 Mexico, North America

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Few places in the world offer as much diversity and culture as Mexico. The country’s glorious mosaic of regional identities are as varied as the nation’s fabulous landscapes, which encompass everything from high-lux beach escapes in Tulum to colourful and vibrant cities like Cancun – oh, and let’s not even mention the ancient ruins, dense rainforests and tequila. Convinced yet?

Average costs (in Pesos):

Hostel dorm bed: M$180; double room in budget hotel: M$350–600

Comida corrida (fixed-price lunch) in economical restaurant: M$60–80

250km bus trip: M$220

#2 Bulgeria, Europe

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Not many people immediately think of Bulgaria as there go-to holiday destination – which is a great shame. The country has lots to offer budget travellers, not least deserted beaches, hotels at bargain prices and lots and lots of lovely towns. If you need an outdoorsy escape, the place is famous for its dramatic mountain ranges, which are perfect for exploration on foot or by bike!

Average costs (in Leva):

Dorm bed: 18–22 lv

Room in a simple guesthouse: 25–50 lv

Meals from cafeterias: 5–10 lv

Public transport tickets: around 1 lv

#3 Cambodia, Asian

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Wherever you go in Cambodia, you’ll find excellent value, not to mention some of Southeast Asia’s most marvellous landscapes as well as the world’s friendliest people – yes, seriously. Beyond the UNESCO-listed sanctuaries of Angkor Wat, you’ll find sleepy colonial towns, bohemian riverside retreats and some of the most exquisite beaches our fair little planet has to offer.

Average costs (in US Dollars):

Cheap guesthouse room: US$5–10

Local meals and street eats: US$1–3

Local buses: US$2–3 per 100km

#4 India, Asia 

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India still is, and always will be one of the ultimate destinations for budget travel. Why? Well, there are few countries in the world where you can still travel so extensively for so little. If you want culture, conquer the Golden Triangle, for beautiful beaches and blinding temples explore Gokarna, for delicious street food look no further than Mumbai and for a challenge, enter Himalayan country.

Average costs (in Rupees):

Dorm bed: ₹100–200

Double room in a budget hotel: ₹300–700

All-you-can-eat thalis (plate meals): ₹120–300

Bus and train tickets: ₹300–500

#5 Vietnam, Asia

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After years of turbulent change, Vietnam still remains amazing value for visitors from all over the world. Ask anyone that’s been, and they’ll immediately tell you the country’s greatest asset is its pristine countryside. Imagine twirling vistas, stratosphere-touching limestone karsts, charming waterways, blissful beaches and aromatic tea plantations. Then there’s the cuisine – oh the cuisine. Wherever you go, you’ll get amazing food for nothing – literally nothing.

Average costs (in USD):

One hour on a local bus: US$1-1.50

Cheap hotel: US$10-15 a night, dorms less

Local meal consisting of noodles: US$1.50-2.50

#6 Nepal, South Asia

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Having recovered from nationwide fuel strikes and a catastrophic earthquake, Nepal is a fabulous choice for budget-conscious travellers in search of life-changing hikes and otherworldly wildlife. What’s even better is that you can survive on as little as $50 per day, and wherever you go in this magical land, expect to see thousands of smiley faces – bliss.

Average costs (in USD):

Budget hotel room in Kathmandu: US$5–25

Dinner and breakfast in a trekking lodge: US$10–12

Trekking porter/guide: US$15/25 per day

#7 Uruguay, South America

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Better value in every sense of the word, this South American beauty is less pricey than Brazil and Argentina combined. There are plenty of awesome beaches for you to chill on, and you’ll be relieved to know that the steak is cheap here too.

Average costs (in Pesos):

Hostel dorm bed: M$180; double room in budget hotel: M$350–600

Cheap lunch: M$60–80

#8 Porto, Portugal

© Zhukova Valentyna / Shutterstock

Amazingly, this vibrant and lively city still manages to evade tourists. We can’t seem to understand why, given Porto’s picturesque setting on the Rio Douro and the countless, excellent and affordable eating spots and accommodation – oh, and it’s super cheap to get to on numerous budget airlines throughout Europe. Dubbed Portugal’s second city, the place is home to a string of inexpensive museums, Instagram-worthy vintage trams and several atmospheric wine caves that offer dead cheap tours and tastings. Yum.

Average costs (in Euros):

Dorm bed: €15–22

Basic hotel room for two: from €30

Lunch special at a family-run restaurant: €7–9

#9 Namibia, South Africa

© Dietmar Temps / Shutterstock

With the country’s currency at an all-time low, there couldn’t be a better time to explore and experience this amazing country. What experiences, you ask? Think desert – wildlife spotting in the incredible Etosha National Park, challenging hikes in the wilderness of the Fish River Canyons and sand surfing down the epic Sossusvlei Dunes. With its exceptionally clear milky-way night skies and viridescent tundras, know that the best and most long-lasting memories of this natural paradise won’t cost you a single penny.

Average costs (in USD):

Guides/drivers: US$10 per person per day

Camp or lodge staff: US$10 per guest per day (usually placed in a communal box)

Transfer drivers and porters: US$3

#10 Greece, Europe

© Samot / Shutterstock

Forget the country’s current economic turmoil – if anything, it’s more reason to travel here to support the country’s welcoming and notoriously friendly locals. The fiscal situation does mean that prices are a lot cheaper than usual, so lucky for you, you’ll be able to spend an extra night or two in Santorini. So what are you waiting for? History, culture, glittery coves and perfectly white sandy beaches await.

Average costs (in Euros):

Dorm beds: €10–20 and domatia (Greek B&B) from €25

Meal at markets and street stalls: under €10

Hopefully, with this list you can get a few ideas on where you want your next adventure to be. Every single one of these destinations offers a beautiful escape from our monotonous 9 to 5 jobs.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start adventuring!

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