Top 5 Tips for Backpacking Around The World on A Budget

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If you’re thinking about planning a backpacking trip around the world on a budget, then there are a few key questions we suggest you ask yourself:

  • What destinations are the most important for you to visit?
  • How long are you planning on backpacking?
  • What sort of budget do you plan to stick to?
  • Are you traveling with a group, as a couple or solo?

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you avoid unforeseen problems and make your backpacking trip much more rewarding. It will also help you save money along the way.

So, whether you’re taking your first backpacking trip or a seasoned traveler, here are our Top 5 tips for backpacking around the world on a budget.

#5 – Travel like the locals and use public transportation. Image result for public transport

Using public transportation allows you meet locals and get to know the area better.

You’ll also gain first-hand knowledge and insight, all while saving money since public transportation is often cost much less.

#4 – Spend more time in fewer places.

On my first backpacking trip, I had planned to visit as many cities and countries as possible. My first two weeks were exhausting. I barely had the time to meet new people and I was spending a fortune on trains and bus tickets. I soon realized that constantly packing/unpacking and dealing with airports and bus terminals and boarder crossings can be quite annoying.

Staying longer allowed me to really get a feel for the place and learn about all the cheap places to eat and fun things to do.

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#3 – Leave plenty of flexibility in your schedule.

Your plans will change. People change. You’ll meet new people along the way and others will recommend great places that you’ve never heard of.  You’ll discover interesting places you thought you only needed two days in but you now want a whole week.

If all your flights, tours and accommodation are pre-booked, it can be costly to change and frustrating to leave a place you love!

#2 – Make a budget and stick to it.

Nothing is worst than spending your entire budget in half the time you had planned and then have to go home earlier because you no longer have any money. If you have a budget to stick, it will help you extend your backpacking trip and ensure that you’re never strapped for cash.

Also, if you are planning to be traveling for an extended period of time, it might be a good idea to look into a working holiday visa. This will allow you to travel as a tourist and work a little bit along the way.

#1 – Stay in hostels.

Image result for hostelsHotels can be nice. They have luxuries that most hostels lack and you usually have a private room to yourself. The only downside to staying in a hotel is that they can be very expensive. Especially when staying in popular tourist destinations

Hostels have shared accommodations and usually have separate male and female dormitories. They often only cost a fraction of the price of a hotel room and are a great place to meet other like-minded backpackers.

Do you have any tips for backpackers traveling on a budget?

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