Top 5 Travel Accessories


#1 – ValourGo Leak Proof Travel Bottles


ValourGo Leak Proof Travel Bottles

“The tubes are very easy to fill and use. I don’t know why I suffered through hard, leaky containers all this time. These seem to be well made and durable. The opening (after screwing off the flip lid) is very big, so perfect for filling and more importantly, cleaning! I could easily use a long-stemmed bottle cleaner to effectively remove any leftover product if I ever needed to be super thorough….” Read more

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#2 – ALLPOWERS Solar Charger Portable Power Bank

“Very impressed! First, i got it very fast. Everything is as described on Amazon. It took, 6 hours to fully charge the charger. It was however charged from factory when i got it. My samsung 6 was zero percent. It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to fully charge my phone. Almost the same time from a wall jack. After one phone charge, the power bar lights di not even decrease. Still shows fully charged!…” Read more

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#3 – Mossio Travel Wallet Passport Holder

“Great product! Big enough for all of my family passports and tickets! Love it!…” Read more

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#4 – G2PLAY 8 Packs Suitcase Tag Labels With Key Ring


G2PLAY Suitcase Tags

“Excellent, cute, strong, metal with metal ring to hold onto luggage. Love the fact that your personal info is hidden somewhat until needed. Highly recommended. Love them!…” Read more

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#5 – Evatex Packing Cubes – 8 psc Set


Evatex Packing Cubes

“Very happy with the purchase. Just recently used these on my travel and they serve its purpose . The material is somewhat thin but durable. The cubes are the perfect size and they perfectly in one side of my carry on luggage. It’s nice to see everything organized. I have repurchased another set for my mom.”…Read more

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