Hobo Travel Tips – Top 5 Travel Backpacks For Under $100

1 – TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack


“Really nice pack upon initial un-boxing. I have yet to take it on adventures but I can say that I have confidence it will live up to wear. All qualities are to be considered as compared to the price- you get what you pay for. That being said, the quality is strong, the stitching and zippers do not appear to be weak nor cheap…..” Read more

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2 – WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack 

With Rain Cover


“I’m not a hiker, but I picked up this backpack for someone who is. As a non-hiker, my first impressions of this backpack are very favorable. It is very roomy, with lots of pockets and straps to use to stow all your gear….” Read more

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3 – Mountaintop 70L+10L Water-resistant Internal Frame Backpack


“In determining the best pack for the value, I did extensive research of backpacks. My findings lead me to purchase this specific pack and I must say, I am completely happy with it. Keep in mind, the reason I bought the Mountaintop was because the upcoming trip I am taking will be a week long. With that said, this pack can work well with shorter trips as well….” Read more

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4 – G4Free 50L Outdoor Backpack With Rain Cover


“Loved the backpack for the price. Good size, nice colours (got the black and the blue), and zipper opens almost all the way down which is convenient….” Read more

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5 – PioneerHiker 50L Water-resistant Hiking Backpack


“This bag is exactly what it seems to be! It has amazing storage and the pockets are seriously insane. I thought they would be average size, but these pockets go deep, so you can put a lot in it, even the small pockets. It’s also great to hold a water bottle on the side. It’s cool how many buckles there are to this, so it provides a lot of security if you’re hiking. I took this to South America and had a lot of stuff in my bag but this did not make it feel heavy or anything. It had comfy support and the buckles really added to that….” Read more

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