Hobo Photo Of The Day – This Pole Lives Here


I was hiking along a pole line near Val Caron, Ontario, Canada back in November of 2016. It was one of the first icy cold snowfalls of the year. The wind chill had dropped to below -20C and the clouds let loose a dusting a pearly white snow on the ground.

Baxter and I woke up extra early, just as the sun was rising. We dressed in layers and wrapped ourselves in scarves.

I had just started using my new camera and wanted to try it out on a hike. I wasn’t going to let a bit of cold weather stop me.

The sky was grey and the wind was fierce. We walked for almost 2 hours before turning back. One of the only good shots I took along the way was this close up of a hydro pole. It’s not really a spectacular shot, but I like the detail that the new lens captured. The image is still but there is still life.

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