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We had 4 hours of sunshine today. I had been watching the next Frontal system moving in on the satellite site. So I knew the sunset was snuffed. No point in going out in my boat or out to the beach.So I rode down the road to see if either Ernie or Ethel was hanging […]

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  1. These Eagle (Ernie & Ethel) I photograph on a regular basis but only at a great distance(600 meters).So I do not know them or more importantly,they do not know me.
    I’ve found to get great intimate shots of wildlife,the animal must become familiar with me.It took several years but now treat my like a long lost friend.They fly out to greet me as soon as I come upon the scene.Eagles are very territorial.So I have to travel from one area to another to visit with different eagles.They each have a unique personalty!Most like to me to some degree but they are some that couldn’t be bothered with me(no accounting for taste?)
    I feel very honoured that they allow me into their lives & I thank you for showing your audience my feathered friends.

    1. These shots are great! It is amazing how animals can actually sense us and how we can become intimate with them!
      Thank you for the great work! Keep it up!

      1. I have a theory that all animals have 6 senses.We use to as well but our 6 th senses has diminished over many thousand of years.We have become domesticated(compared with our ancestry).This 6 th sense gives each animal the ability to feel other animals presence.Think of it like a spider web.It surrounds each animal.
        When it lays down at night to rest,any other animal coming too close will disturb this energy web.The sensitive ones will wake up & move away from the threat.The insensitive ones were killed.The survivors got to pass their genes forward.
        Anything which is not used,will regress.Because of our domestication,our need to be alert during the night time just doesn’t need to happen anymore.Thus our 6 th sense has diminished.You don’t use it,you loose it.
        Having said that,we are still sensitive enough to feel others around us.
        Ever been walking down the street, feel someone looking at you only to turn & see someone staring right at you.Everyone has.
        So our 6th sense has diminished but it’s not gone.
        I use mine to get close to my animal friends.They can feel me & I can feel some of them,…. sometimes.It takes a lot of practice!
        There isn’t exactly a course or a book on how to do this sort of stuff.I’m surprised …..I stumbled upon it actually!

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