Things I’ve Learned In Netherlands


Apple…somehow associated with learning.

Traveling through a foreign country can teach us many things. We learned about different cultures, different languages, traditions. We learn about who we are and where we stand in the world.

The best part is that depending on where you go, you can learn different things.

Traveling through the Netherlands taught me quite a few things so far.

I’ve learned that the country still has a reigning king and queen. Their monarchy is something that most people are proud of.

The country’s royal color is orange and on King’s day, the entire country gets decked out in orange and they celebrate in the streets and canals!


King’s Day, Netherlands.

I’ve learned that the dutch didn’t invent the windmill, but they did revolutionize it.

I’ve learned that there are no mountains here. Just flat, flat, very flat land. And lots of canals!

I’ve learned there is beauty in every small city you walk through, even on a dreary cloudy day.


Canals in Netherlands.


Above all, while traveling here, the utmost important thing that I’ve learned is that when crossing a street, you look left first.

Then right.

Then left and right.

And then you run across that street!


Bicycles outnumber people 10 to 1 in Netherlands

There are about 10 bicycles for every person in the Netherlands.(Don’t quote me on that) and if you are not careful, they will hit you! And you will die! Seriously, I’ve never seen so many people on bicycles. Going left, right, diagonally, on the sidewalks, on the roads, just everywhere!

It is actually quite beautiful to see this as part of their way of life. Sure, we see people on bicycles all the time in Canada but not like this. On every street, on every post, in every city that I’ve been to, there are bicycles absolutely everywhere!

So just a word of advice for anyone going to the Netherlands (or Europe in general), look both ways before crossing any street and if you get a chance, rent a bicycle and most of all, don’t look like a tourist!!!



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