Top 3 Nature Spots – Kitchener, Ontario


Strange place for this sign. At the intersection of Victoria St and Park St in Kitchener, Ontario

I absolutely loved living in Kitchener. Its a great place to live! The city is alive with hobos and business men alike. There’s not too much crime. (Not to say there isn’t) There’s parks and playgrounds and plenty of trails to get lost on.

There’s always something for every one to do.

While the bustling city lifestyle is nice, I’d much rather get out there and explore some nature, which can prove rather difficult when you live in a big city or busy metropolitan area.

While living in Kitchener, I did, however, manage to get out and find a few rather nice and interesting nature areas just outside of the city. Here is a list of my three favorite nature spots near Kitchener, Ontario

Mill Race Trail


Sign near beginning of Mill Race Trail in St-Jacobs, Ontario

Just outside of the City Of Waterloo, there’s a small village named St-Jacobs. It is a rural community run mostly by mennonites.

The market is one of the biggest of the region and attracts thousands of tourists and locals alike. You can shop in the indoor/outdoor market place, browse antique shops and outlet stores or take a short drive up the street into St-Jacobs Village itself.

The Village has quite a few small, locally owned shops and is rather quite busy on days when the market is open.

On the outskirts of the village, there’s a moderately short trail which dives into the heart of the rural community. You can follow the trail for about 5 kilometers and then you will find the man-made St-Jacobs Dam.

While not very impressive by any means, the Dam makes for a good spot to stop and have a picnic while listening to the never ending rush of the river.


St-Jacobs Dam

Webster and Tews Falls – Dundas, Ontario

Tews Falls.JPG

Tews Falls

Just a short 30 minute drive south of the city, lies the waterfall capital of the world. The Niagara Escarpment runs through this entire area all the way down to Niagara Falls, Ontario and along the way leaves hundreds of gorgeous waterfalls just waiting to be explored.

If you can find yourself on the right trail, you’ll start climbing a fairly steady and steep slope until you find yourself at Dundas Peak. From there, you’ll be able to get a birds eye view of the entire city of Dundas. You can see for miles and can even get a glimpse of Lake Ontario on a clear day!


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Top: Trail leading up to Dundas Peak. Bottom: The view from Dundas Peak

The view is spectacular and if you continue on the trail, you will eventually come upon two rather large waterfalls, Tews Falls and Webster Falls. You used to be able to descend a staircase to the bottom of the waterfall but it has since been closed due to erosion and I’m sure, the occasional idiot.

The scenery is definitely worth the hike. What are you waiting for? Get out there and check it out!


Webster Falls


The Grand River


The Grand River, Kitchener, Ontario

Flowing all the way through Kitchener, The Grand River is a small gem in the middle of the big city.

I’ve spent many days out fishing on the river right underneath the busy highways. While the river may not be the freshest in the world, it still provides those in the city with a pleasant escape into nature.

I’ve mostly caught bass and catfish but it’s not unheard of to catch pickerel or pike further north on the river.

There are trails along the river but they are small and not very well worn, providing the perfect place for a hobo to be in nature and explore through the trees and fields.


King Street bridges crossing the Grand River

I’ve even spent a few nights camping along the river and while I don’t think it’s quite legal, I never saw a soul other than one canoe floating down the river who politely waved and continued on their way.


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