Month: December 2016

Poetry Can Be Punk — Debut Magazine

Think poetry is all about clouds and men in frilly shirts? Think again. Despite the classics you remember studying in school or the tear-stained letters you might have received from a lovesick ex, poetry doesn’t have to be boring, trite or inaccessible. Poetry is the ideal medium for the rebels; it can be anything you

How to Become a Punk Poet — John Fustaigne

I remember when John first came to me for advice on how to ‘make the scene’. John, I said, John, forget the punk poetry! Nobody wants to listen to a lot of whinging marxist shite – you can’t dance to it at parties. Second, if you want to be taken seriously as a performing artist,

unexpected london: punk & rock — unexpected occurrence

I think our first two days in London were a little bit off, as both Sophia and I were jetlagged and a bit unsure of what to do and how to best explore London. Days three and four have been absolutely wonderful! Wednesday (day 3) was dedicated to the punk of Camden! Camden is a […]

“Punk Rocker” Interview with Mark Barry — writerchristophfischer

As some of you already know, I’ve contributed to an anthology called PUNK ROCKER, the much anticipated sequel to “L.A. Punk Rocker”: top author Brenda Perlin’s best-selling punk anthology. PUNK ROCKER has just been released on Amazon US UK In the next few weeks, I will introduce the other authors who are in