Month: November 2016

The Fungus Amoung Us.

I didn’t even know about it until last week. Right there in our northern forests is a hobo pharmacy! Chaga. A mushroom that’s been heralded as an almost magical superfood. It has allegedly been used for several thousands of years around our northern hemisphere for it’s high anti-oxidant and and medicinal values. The most impressive thing

Let It Fall

Most people don’t even think about going outside when the weather is shit. The ground is wet, the air is cold and there’s always an unpleasant and almost depressing atmosphere hanging from the overcast sky. Fall can be a bummer: but it doesn’t have to be. The season when the environment slowly withers and dies


In the process of developing a logo for the hobo brand. So far this is my first concept. Its far from perfect. But this entire brand is still far from perfect. Much more to come.

The Hobo Life

Sitting by the campfire, sipping on Havana Club, it seems so relaxing but what you dont see is the 30 kilometers that I had to walk with 35 pound bag on my back. Still, well worth it!

The Punk Rock Hobo

Here at the punk rock hobo we strive to keep things simple and sustainable. We are all about travel, nature, keeping it real and of course, Punk Rock!