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This habit might as well be the death of me. This habit consumes every aspect of my entire life. This habit is the weight of the sun and I am trapped in its orbit. This habit feels like I am floating through completely empty space. This habit feels like stepping out into the wild for […]

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I first met Upchan when I was something like 4 or 5 years old.

Thinking back, there’s no distinct first memory of Upchan.

He’s just always kind of been there.

It started in kindergarten.

I remember being this short, reserved kid who barely spoke in class.

Upchan was this big and tall kid who always wanted to wrestle.

Needless to say, I thought he was a bully.

Eventually, we ended up in the same 6th-grade class.

I think we were quite similar back then.

I only have two prominent memories from my year in 6th-grade.

One is the day that Mme. Hess read us a newsletter about how a terrorist organization had just hikacked two passenger planes and had flown them into the World Trade Center.

The other one is the insane amount of card games Cory James, Upchan and I played on our desks that year.

Fast forward to high school.

Upchan and I end up in the same 10th-grade music class.

At this point, I’d known Upchan for somewhere around a decade.

Still, it wasn’t until we got to high school that I truly started getting to know Eric Upchan.

We started hanging together.

We started jamming in a band together.

We got jobs at the same call center.

We went to the same house parties together.

We graduated together.

We got hammered at grad party together.

Without even realizing it, Upchan had gradually become one of my best friends over the years.

After graduation, he went to college and I ended up getting a job working out of town.

As it usually happens after high school, we went our separate ways and started off on our own paths in life.

Still, every time I was back in town, Upchan was one of the first people I’d call to get together with.

That first summer out of high school, we spent a good number of Friday and Saturday nights drinking cheap beer, smoking poorly grown outdoor weed and occasionally, getting kicked out of sleazy downtown bars for getting too drunk and pissing on the patio.

Not long after that, Upchan met Rachel.

I still remember him first telling me about her.

How they met on a sleazy internet dating site.

How they went to Bell Park on their first date.

How they went swimming and how they… well, let’s just say, fell in love.

Ever since Upchan met Rachel, as far as I’m concerned, she’s been his entire life.

Fast forward a few more years.

I get a call from Upchan telling me that he’d just proposed to Rachel and wanted me to stand with him at his wedding.

Of course, I stood with him that day.

When Upchan married Rachel, I remember watching them and thinking about how I’d known Upchan my whole life.

In what seemed like an instant, I saw our entire friendship flash before my eyes.

I remembered Upchan as this kid I used to be scared of.

I remembered the Upchan who was my friend and grew at the same time as me.

I remember Upchan saying his wedding vows and having a smile on his face the entire time.

I remember when Upchan told me he was going to be a father.

I remember seeing pictures of Upchan’s newborn daughter and thinking about how much she looked exactly like him.

I remember last New Year’s eve when Upchan and Rachel were in town and I got to meet their daughter for the first time.

I remember 5 months ago when Upchan and Rachel announced they were pregnant again.

I remember a Facebook post explaining that Rachel was in the hospital and they didn’t know what was wrong with her.

I remember my best friends’ wife being diagnosed with Leukemia.

Please donate to my friend’s family

Whether it’s a meager $5 or a generous $100.

Every penny counts and goes directly towards helping Upchan and his family get through these difficult times.

Donate to Eric and Rachel Upchan


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